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Outstanding Cougars!

11/2/19 – Region Band

Saturday morning our students got out of their warm beds to go against other Region 26 students from Round Rock, Georgetown, Hutto, and Pflugerville for a coveted spot in one of 3 bands.  The following students will be participating December 13th  and 14th as part of this years Region Band:
Lauren Quarmby-Oboe
Joey Gallegos-Clarinet
Anna Lemons- Clarinet
Jaxson Greene-Trumpet
Jacob Elder-Trumpet
Owen Parker- Euphonium
Anshul Debnath-Percussion
We are proud of all the students for giving their best and growing as musicians whether they made it or not.  It’s all part of the journey!

11/2/19 – Region Choir

On Saturday, 33 out of 49 CTMS choir students went to represent Region 26.  These 33 students made the All-Region Choir, 9 of which who were top chair in their zoned room. Each room had approximately 70 students auditioning, and the region only took 15 students per room.    Chisholm Trail took more students to the clinic and concert  than any other school in the area, and they made us all very proud!      

7th Grade Treble Choir: Ana Palacios, Barbara White, Audrey Greinert, Brylynn Pomroy, Catalina Livsey, Holly Robertson, Kelis Fields, Kyra Sirwaitis, Lizzy Dieckert, Mallory Coleman, Molly Arredondo, Rachel Dobbs, Sophia Cantu, Victoria Vujosevic

8th Grade Treble: Ava Gaultney , Ava Herbrandson , Ava Moak, Belen Rivera , Eliana Smith , Gabby Dodd, Jessica Rodriguez , Kendall Condon , Liliana Livsey, Maddie White

Tenor/Bass: Adam Hyink , Adyn Meredith , Austin Baird, Bo Mitchell , Ian Hill , Isreal Murphy, Jose Mendez , Mason Mezger , Walker Wallace

10/15/19 – Cross Country

Attention Cougars! Your 2019 District Cross Country Results are in.  The Cross Country team took on 250 other students across the district to see who’s the fastest.  The race consisted of 2 miles over grass, hills, and concrete.  The CTMS boys cross country team won 6th place in the district and the girls won 7th place.  Peyton Bristow whizzed past almost everyone and got a medal for 3rd place boy in the entire district running 2 miles in 12:32. Declan Graves was right on his heels and pulled out a 6th place medal for his 12’39.  Bringing up the rest of the team was Judsen Massey, Logan Shepherd, and Kevin Rogers to finish out our top 5 boys.  Then for our girls, Laney Mills got a medal for being 1st finisher for the CTMS girls with a time of 16:24, followed by Keira Hampton, Emma Adamson, and Kailee Seto.  Great job CTMS Cross Country! Coach Perez is so proud of all of you. 

4/15/19 – Orchestra UIL

Congratulations to the CTMS Orchestra for earning Perfect Sweepstakes at UIL competition!

4/4/19 – Symphonic Band

Congratulations on receiving an overall Superior in Concert and Sight-reading for on overall Superior 1 Rating!

4/4/19 – CTMS Choir

Congratulations to all 3 choirs for returning home with Sweepstakes, Outstanding – 1’s

4/2/19 – Chorale Girls

Congratulations on getting 1’s and full Sweepstakes!!

2/27/19 – Orchestra UIL

The Non-Varsity Orchestra got a sweepstakes – overall Superior Ratings on stage and in sight reading.

2/23/19 – CTMS UIL

On Saturday 55 students from Chisholm Trail competed in the UIL Academic Meet!!  Here are the results.


Oral Reading

Kevin Rogers 3rd place

Ava Herbrandson 2nd place

Joey Gallegos 5th place

Eason Sheidow 4th place

Danae Jones 5th place

Computer Application

Andrew Wang 4th place

Reece Nighswander  5th place

Ready Writing

Taylor Vance 2nd place

Karina Koseleva 3rd place

Listening Skills

Sophia Sitran 3rd place

Number Sense

Krishna Grandhe  6th place

Maps Graphs and Charts

Jackson Houser 2nd place:

Anna Lemons 2nd place

Darla Kurtaljevic  1st place

1/30/19 – Reading Rumble

CTMS beat 24 teams to get 2nd place…woohoo!

11/2/18 – CTMS District Band/Region Advance Results

The band directors are proud to announce that 32 of our Cougar Band students made District Band this weekend in competition at Canyon Vista.  24 of those students advance next Saturday at Pflugerville Middle School for a chance to be a part of Region Band.  Wish them well and a much deserved congratulations for all of their hard work.
Sophie Cabellero*, Isabella Ornelas* Jeffrey Chang*, Emma Boegal*, Jacob Lopez*, Joseph Gallegos*, Anna Lemons*, Presley Muirhead*, Madeline Baird *, Drew Mudgett*, Samuel Farrell, Nicholas Del Pozzo*(Alto and Tenor Sax!), Eric Diaz*, Clayton Epperson, Kyra Zitz, Hallie Hardesty, Jacob Elder*, Jacob Robles*, Seth Leger*, Maggie Arredondo*, Jaxson Greene, Noah Lipscomb*, Reece Nighswander, Marek Kania*, Owen Parker*, Nico Ozzello, Ryan McCoppin*, Emma Ray*, Michael Fluckiger*, Lucas Kirking*, Luke Boegal*
* denotes Region advancement

10/26/18 – CTMS CC District Announcments

Last week, 16 runners from CTMS competed in the District Cross Country meet at Stony Point High School.  It was a tough run of 2 miles while cold and raining. We had two runners finish in the top 10 in the entire district.   The Lady Cougars toughed it out to get 4th place.  Way to go girls.  Out of all the girls in the district, Lily Horvath got 5th overall, finishing in 13:33. Then followed Lucy Shelby, Hannah O’leary, Maggie Arredondo, and Halee Avant giving us our top 5 girls. Then the boys pushed forward to get 5th place overall.  Out of all the boys in the district, Kebede Kerlin got 4th place overall finishing 2 miles in 12:01.   Your top 5 boys for CTMS were Kebede Kerlin, Declan Graces, Logan Shepherd, Nicholas Graves, and Liam Graves.  Way to go Cougars.  Thank you for a wonderful cross country season! 

10/15/18 – CTMS Region Orchestra Results

Please join me in congratulating the following orchestra students who got into the Region Symphony Orchestra:
*Laura Choate – violin
*Dominik Djajadi (Jah Jah dee)- violin
*Jason Bui (BOO-ee) – viola
*Sonya Weeks – harp
***Sonya Weeks is the first CTMS harpist to get first chair harp!
*Kate Baldwin made first alternate for Harp.

10/1/18 – CTMS CC McNeil Invitational

This weekend Chisholm Trail Cross Country competed in the largest middle school race in the state. There were approximately 600 middle school runners competing in a 2 mile course in the rain going up and down hills and creeks.  Out of 335 boys, Kebede Kerlin took 5th place runnning 2 miles in 11 minutes and 46 seconds.  That’s a 5:53 per mile average folks.  Awesome job, Kerlin!   Then we had Logan Shepherd coming in just under 14:52, followed by Declan Graves, Liam Graves, Nicholas Lewis, and Alfredo Gordillo.   Then for the girls Lily Horvath took 19th out of 250 in the entire state.  She ran it in 13:33 with a 6:52 per mile average! Way to go Lily! Lucy Shelby was right there following after her, followed by Alex Chiu, Sophia Sitran, Ana Clark, and Ana Moraes Silva!   Way to go Chisholm Trail Cross Country!