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Outstanding Cougars!

4/17/18 – Honors Orchestra
Honors Orchestra students have returned with amazing feedback and straight superior ratings!  1-1-1 1-1-1

4/5/18 – Men’s Choir
Straight 1’s all across the board, superior.  

Regional Science Fair Entries



 Adarsh Ashok – Do magnets affect Bit Rot?



Sai Yeedubilli – Corrosion’s Impact On Materials That Cars Are Made Of



Lauren Quarmby – Which public water source in central Texas has the highest chlorine level?

Big pictureAnusree Anilkumar – project title: transmitting traffic

Anusree won 2nd place in her category and she also got the Broadcom Masters award as well. We are very proud of Anusree. A big shout out to Mrs. Carner and Mrs. Crossley for assisting all of our students with their Science Fair Projects.


2/9/18 – Region Jazz Band
Congratulations to:
Joslyn Boyer – Bass
Nick Fryar – Vibraphone
Nick Del Pozzo – Tenor Sax
Riley Dickson – Tenor Sax

2/6/18 – Dance DEAL assessment
Division 1 Rating from each judge:
DEAL dance

2/2/18 – District UIL Academic Meet
Congratulations to:

Art                    3rd place  Isabella Davis
Computer Application  5th place  Gabriella Vidal
Impromptu Speaking  6th place  Christopher Ramshaw
Listening Skills        1st place  Sophia Sitran
                        6th place  Madison Gray Davis
Oral Reading          2nd place  Jack Dixon
                        3rd Place  (7th) Danae Jones
                        3rd Place  (6th) Ava Herbrandson
                        4th Place  Eason Shiedow
Ready Writing         6th place  Trinity Sims

10/26/17 – District Band Results

***26 of our kids made district.and 16 will advance next weekend for Region Band try-outs
Trinity Sims-District/Advance
Sienna Loats-District/Advance
Brandee “Kat” Larson-District/Advance
McKenna Alvarado-District
Naya Gonser-District
Isabel Dodd-District/Advance
Drew Mudgett-District/Advance
Samuel Farrell-District
Quentin Harrell-District/Advance
Victoria Lopez-District
Nicholas DelPozzo-District/Advance
Riley Dickson-District/Advance
Nathan Charles-District/Advance
Baker Hickock-District/Advance
Jacob Robles-District/Advance
Nick Garcia-District/Advance
David Stein-District
PJ Gillispie-District
Siri Thompson-District/Advance
Stephen Drake-District/Advance
Marek Kania-District
Ethan Cook-District/Advance
Page Hosgood-District/Advance
Ty’lia Collier-District
Ryan McCoppin-District/Advance
Matthew Aceves-District
Give them a pat on the back if you see them.  Mr. Adams and I are super proud of all our kids and their continued push towards excellence!

10/21/17 – Region Choir Results

CTMS had the highest ratings in the district and 75% of the students auditioning made the All-Region Choir!

  • 7th Grade Treble Choir – 
    SOPRANO 1   – Gracie Taylor, Tia Meyer, Kayla Tan, Jewel Pierson, Ella Algaze, Emma Ray, Lucy Shelby, Jade Carrico, 
    SOPRANO 2   – Avery Quinn, Sophia Sitran, Page Hosgood
    ALTO             – Kylie Jones, Alex Chiu
  • 8th Grade Treble Choir –   

            SOPRANO 1    – Isabel Dodd, Sophia Wollam

         SOPRANO 2    – Jackie Tran, Ella Shifmann, Bharathi Baskaran, Alyssa Tran, Sandy Tefang
         ALTO              – Joslyn Boyer, Gresha Kathayat, Naya Gonser
  • Mens Choir    
    TENOR 1         – Hudson McLeod, Nick Garcia, Adam Paredes
    TENOR 2         – Reid Layne, Joshua Torres, Owen Krackau
    BASS              – Nathaniel Garcia, Ryan Kelley

10/14/17 – Region Orchestra Competition

Josiah Prescott made 3rd chair Bass in the Symphony Orchestra
Rowen Salazar made 5th chair Bass in the String Orchestra
Abby McAlpine, Kayla Tan, and Jason Bui (Bwee) made 9th, 10th, and 11th Chair Viola respectively in the String Orchestra
Domink Djajadi  (JA JA DI) made 4th chair 1st violin in the String Orchestra
Laura Choate made 13th chair 2nd violin in the Symphony
And for the first time in over 20 years, Chisholm Trail has a concertmaster.  Samantha Washecka out placed all other 92 competing violinists.
Congratulations to all students who competed and represented CTMS this weekend!