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Outstanding Cougars!

4/7/17 – UIL Choir (all 3 CTMS Choirs)
Sweepstakes – straight ones!!

4/5/17 – Honor Band UIL
Sweepstakes in Stage and SightReading!!!!

4/1/17 – One Act Play

Cougar Nation, please join me in congratulating the cast of the play “The Ransom of Red Chief.” They competed in very first RRISD Mock UIL One Act Play Contest this past Saturday at Cedar Ridge High School and walked away with several awards, including:
Connnor Yesh and Rebecca Gillian winning “Honorable Mention All-Star Cast”
Bri Fruge and Ethan Cook winning “All Star Cast” awards.
And Leshell Hatchett received the award for “Outstanding Technician” as well!

Mrs. Hobbs is very proud of all the hard work and long hours the entire cast put in to such a fun and entertaining show! Congratulations to them all!

2/4/17 – 6th Coral Festival
Please congratulate all 6th grade choir members on earning SUPERIOR ratings on stage and in sight reading this past Saturday at their Choral Festival. Their first contest was a HUGE success and Ms. Grantham and Mrs. Mattox are very proud. Go cougars!

2/4/17 – A-STEM at TAME

Congratulations to my A-S.T.E.M. students who competed this Saturday at the T.A.M.E. – Capital Area Division STEM Competition. Students were tested on Math, Science and a Design Challenge, competing against other central Texas students.

Krishna Grandle placed 2nd for 6th grade
Rishav Chakravarty placed 1st in the Design Challenge for best team work

1/30/17 – Choir Solo and Ensemble

Please congratulate these singers who participated in solo and ensemble competition on Saturday! Each student received SUPERIOR medals!

Emily Wagstaff
Garrett Heer
Preston York
Connor Ellinor
Connor Yesh
Natalie Curtis
Mary Claire Moran
Eleanor Williams
Jumi Park
Anita Pillow
Brianna Fruge
Emma Ray
Page Hosgood
Sophia Sitran

12/7/16 – School Spelling Bee

Everyone put up a brave battle today during our Spelling Bee showdown, but only one winner prevailed. We are pleased to announce and congratulate Rishav Chakravaty for winning the CTMS 2016 Spelling Bee! Rishav is an 8th grader on the L.Smith team. Though it turned into quite the nail biter towards the end, Rishav’s quiet confidence p-r-e-v-a-i-l-e-d.

Second and Third place also gave it their all, and both of them were 6th graders from the Linville team!
2nd place: Jason Bui
3rd place: Emma Ray


11/12/16 – Region Band Audition

On Saturday 11/12, CTMS Band members participated in the second phase of the Region Band Audition process and 13 of them placed high enough to earn a spot in a performing region band! We also had 1 student place high enough to be a part of the Region Orchestra Concert this coming Saturday! These students have worked tremendously hard. Below is a list of the the students who made a region band and their chair/band result:

Christina Zamudio – 3rd Clarinet Concert Band
Veronic Valdez – 7th Clarinet Concert Band
Grant Melton – 12th Clarinet Concert Band
David Dressendorfer – 6th Alto Saxophone Symphonic Band
Isabel Dodd – 3rd Bass Clarinet Concert Band
Phillip Neel – 6th Trumpet Symphonic Band
Jeffery Goldston – 1st French Horn Concert Band
Dane Moak – 2nd French Horn Concert Band
Carson Kelso – 3rd Trombone Concert Band
Ryan Faris – 5th Trombone Concert Band
Siri Thompson – 5th Euphonium Concert Band
**Elliot Lee – 6th Percussion Wind Ensemble/5th Percussion Region Orchestra**
Tarek Simms – 5th Percussion Concert Band

11/5/16 – One Act Play

On Saturday 11/5 at the One Act Play festival CTMS Theatre made it a clean sweep in the acting awards!!
Eli Lopez-Thespian Spirit Award
Sam Davis and Julian Harrison- Honorable Mention All Star Cast
Jack Dixon and Bri Fuge – All Star Cast
Lindsey Snowden – Overall Best Actress
Connor Yesh – Overall Best Actor

The Play received a SUPERIOR!! The highest ranking!!!

11/5/16 – District Band Results

30, you heard it correctly 30 received a district patch and 24 of our kiddos have advanced to audition for a spot in the Region Band. 80% have advanced! Below is a list of their names. Give them a pat on the back. They have worked hard.

Trinity Sims-District
Olivia Crawford-District
Christina Zamudio-District/Advance
Julian Harrison-District/Advance
Veronica Valdez-District/Advance
Grant Melton-District/Advance
Jasmine Dang-District
Dylan Stafford-District/Advance x2
Isabel Dodd-District/Advance
Connor Yesh- District/Advance
Francine Childs-District/Advance
Christine Wang-District
David Dressendorfer-District/Advance
Quentin Harrell-District/Advance
Grace Sheidow-District/Advance
Hunter McCurley-District/Advance
Philip Neel-District/Advance
Samantha Jarvis-District/Advance
Ty Trimble-District
Dane Moak-District/Advance
Jeffrey Goldston-District/Advance
Carson Kelso-District/Advance
Ryan Faris- District/Advance
Austin Parker-District/Advance
PJ Gillispie-District
Siri Thompson-District/Advance
Josh Perera-District/Advance
Tarek Sims-District/Advance
Elliot Lee-District/Advance

10/22/16 – Region Orchestra

CTMS Orchestra students killed it last week Region Orchestra auditions!  The following students were awarded the following orders.

String Orchestra

Violinists Rishav Chakravarty (8th grade), Laura Choate (6th grade), Audrey Sutton (8th Grade)

Violist Eleanor Williams (8th grade)

Cellists Ryan Hopke and Sean Armstrong

In the Symphony Orchestra

Joslyn Boyer 2nd Chair Bass

Sam Davis 4th Chair Bass

Harp Ensemble

Mary Elizabeth Waiwaiole, 4th chair

10/24/16 – All Region Honor Choir

On Saturday 10/22, choir students from all over central Texas met at RRHS to audition for the All Region Honor Choir. We are proud to say that CTMS holds 19 of those spots! These students will perform with the best of the best on November 5th at the All Region Choir Concert. Please congratulate the following students on a successful audition:

Isabel Dodd
Ella Shifman
Emilie Demien
Stephanie Tackett
Sandy Tefang
Sophia Wollam
Siya Patel
Josyln Boyer
Grace Sheidow
Cheyenne Laws
Anita Pillow
Eleanor Williams
Karmen Aldaco
Isaiah Neilson
Garrett Heer
Avizhun Jackson
Rasheed Banks
Preston York
Connor Ellinor

10/17/16 – Football AND Cheer

Kudos to Molly Passarella  – she plays football on the 7th grade B-team, but as soon as she finishes her game she changes into her cheer uniform and cheers for the A-team. We are super proud of the dedication that Molly exhibits. Kids like Molly are what makes CTMS great!